Safe and White. Whitening the natural way

Whitening brush

Safe & white whitening brush is developed and recommended by dentists.

It does not contain peroxides or other aggressive ingredients, making it a safe and user-friendly whitening product for your teeth. The brush should be used to apply gel directly onto your teeth twice a day after brushing, preferably with Safe and White toothpaste.

The Safe and White brush produces visible results within 7 days and can make teeth up to 5 shades whiter. The performance of Safe & White gel is based on the unique and patented Ardox-X technology with active oxygen. Extensive research has proven that it is safe forthe tooth enamel and gums and can therefore also be used if you have gum problems, without any risks.

Whitening, the natural way

How to Use

Use the brush to apply Safe & white gel twice a day for a minimum of one week. Apply the gel after brushing, preferably with Safe & white toothpaste in the morning and before you go to sleep. Visible results within one week for a long-lasting natural white smile. Detailed instructions inside or for download below.


Safe & white® Whitening Brush

The package contains a Professional Safe & white Tooth shade guide

You can read the instructions for use here or you can download it

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