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  1. How much whiter will my teeth become?

    The final result is always dependent on the cause of the discolouration. In general, with Safe & white, you can achieve up to 7 shades whiter teeth.Brown and yellow coloured teeth (usually the result of staining by tobacco, coffee, tea and wine) can generally be whitenedto four or five shades lighter on average. Grey coloured teeth (caused by dentine discolouration inside the tooth, resulting from the use of medicines) can be whitened to two to three shades lighter on average. Fillings, crowns and caps are not whitened.
  2. Is the effect permanent?

    Whitening your teeth with Safe & white gives a long-lasting effect. This is because Safe & white does not damage your tooth enamel. The substances that cause discolouration such as coffee, tea, red wine etc therefore cannot penetrate your tooth enamel as easily. Consequently, the result of the whitening is evident for longer, approximately three years or longer, dependent on good oral hygiene and your consumption of such foods and drinks. However, it is also the case that teeth become discoloured with age.
  3. How does it work?

    Pigments in certain foodstuffs can have an effect on the colour of your teeth. However, the use of medicines can also lead to tooth discolouration.
    Safe & white uses the patented Ardox-X technology. Put simply, this technology ensures that active oxygen oxidizes such stains, making them colourless.
  4. Is it safe?

    Safe & white is absolutely safe, as proven by many tests and a lot of research. Safe & white is safe because it does not contain peroxide, in contrast with many other whitening products. Research has shown that Safe & white does not damage tooth enamel. This is because the active oxygen component (which is responsible for the whitening effect) is a non-radical form of oxygen. Since the enamel is not damaged, stains cannot fix themselves to the enamel as easily, so your teeth will remain white for longer.
    The whitening ingredient in Safe & white is the patented Ardox-X technology. This technology ensures safe whitening and also has a positive effect on the bacteria in the mouth. You can even use Safe & white for risk-free whitening if you have gum problems.

    Safe and White products will notinterfere with medication you may be taking, including thecontraception pill. However, in case of known allergy to anyingredients do not use.
  5. Are there any side effects?

    No, there are no known side effects. Your gums do not become irritated and your teeth will feel wonderfully smooth.
  6. What is discolouration?

    There are various reasons why an element may become discoloured:

    • Traumas can result in bleeding inside a tooth. The decomposition products that are then formed result in grey or blue discolouration.
    • Some of the cements used in orthodontic treatment may result in discolouration.
    • Certain medicines may cause tooth discolouration.
    • Certain strongly coloured foodstuffs can result in discolouration.
    • Certain beverages can cause discolouration: tea, red wine, coke etc
    • Certain bacteria may result in the discolouration of remineralized enamel following initial tooth decay.

  7. Will my capped teeth, crowns or fillings become lighter?

    No, tooth restorations such as amalgam fillings, crowns etc. do not become lighter. You should first discuss the options for improving the appearance of those teeth with your dentist.
  8. What tooth colours are there?

    Everyone' teeth are different. The colour varies from one person to the next. Not all of a person's teeth will be exactly the same colour either. One tooth may be whiter than another. The colour of your teeth can be compared to the shade guide included in the packaging.
  9. What happens during a treatment?

    The Safe & white gel pack contains two bottles of whitening gel and two mouth trays. Instructions and a shade guide are of course also included, explaining what you need to do step by step.

    A brief description of the usage of the product follows:

    You should first clean your teeth with Safe & white toothpaste. Inside the packaging you will find a whitening mouth tray. Follow the instructions in order to adjust the mould to fit your mouth. You then fill it with the whitening gel and put the mould in your mouth for half an hour. This should be done twice a day for at least 15 days. You will start to see results after about 7 or 8 days. We advise you not to consume strongly coloured foodstuffs or beverages during this period, as they will have an adverse effect on the result.You can also consult your dentist before carrying out the treatment. He or she can then determine the current colour of your teeth, look at any tooth restorations you may have had and make a whitening mould to fit your mouth. After approximately 15 days of treatment, you can assess the result together with your dentist.
  10. Will Safe & white help bad breath?

    Bad breath can be caused by a great many factors. The cause is usually to be found in the mouth. Anaerobic bacteria produce volatile sulphurous compounds such as mercaptan and hydrogen sulphide, which in turn cause bad breath.
    Brushing with Safe & white toothpaste can combat this. The balance of bacteria in the mouth improves greatly and so also does the bad breath.
  11. Do the Safe & white products contain a specific taste?

    The Safe & white products contain a peppermint taste. Thisingredi├źnt is approved in conformity with the Cosmetic Directive76/768/EEC.
  12. What to do when the toothpaste dispenser stops working before the paste is finished?

    In rare cases the pump of the toothpaste dispenser could stop beforethe paste is finished. There is a simple technique to get the dispenserfixed: remove the bottom plate of the dispenser and push the piston upas much as possible. After this operation the dispenser will work again.
  13. Should I use Safe & white products if I am pregnant?

    As a precaution, it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women to use the Safe & white Gel.
  14. My teeth have naturally discoloured over time, can they be whitened?

    Safe & white products effectively whiten teeth that have become stained, for example due to smoking or drinking coffee, tea, red wine etc. However, they will also whiten teeth that have become naturally discoloured over the years, but not to the same degree as stained teeth. Also, it will depend on the level of discolouration. We recommend carrying out two treatments (each treatment takes two weeks) to effectively whiten teeth that have become discoloured over time.

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The Benefits of
Safe and white®

  • Achieve a naturally whiter smile in as little as 7 days with the gel set or brush
  • Peroxide free and PH neutral - unique active oxygen formula to whiten teeth the natural way.
  • Safe and White's® unique toothpaste maintains your whiter smile and eliminates bacteria that prevents bad breath and gum disease