Safe and White. Whitening the natural way


In recent years whitening teeth has become even more popular. People are keen to banish tooth discolouration caused by cofee, red wine, smoking etc.

Most other tooth whiteners and dental treatments available contain peroxide or acidic based formulas. These whiteners can cause long term damage to tooth enamel and gums. However the Safe and white non-peroxide formula is worry-free, with the dual benefits of effectively whitening your teeth and, at the same time, being safe on your teeth and gums.

Active Oxygen Formula

Safe & white is different. The unique Ardox-X technology has been developed by dentists and is peroxide free, makingit completely safe to tooth enamel and gums. The gel produces awhitening effect through an oxidative process so your teeth can looknoticeably whiter in as little as seven days.

Use Safe & white products regularly and you can maintain a stunning smile with no damage to teeth or gums.

Dangers of Peroxide:

Pleasesee the diagram below that shows you the difference between the surfaceof a tooth after it has been applied with a peroxide based whitener andanother with the Safe and white gel (peroxide free).
It clearly shows that there is no damage to the Safe and white tooth but the peroxide based gel has corroded the tooth enamel.


"Continuedexposure to peroxide whitening compounds, especially when exposed toacidic solutions [...] can cause demineralization of tooth enamel.Inevitably this can lead to tooth decay and/or increased sensitivity."

"Hydrogen peroxide can increase temperature sensitivity in the teeth, ..."

More information on the dangers of peroxide: Peroxide

The Benefits of
Safe and white®

  • Achieve a naturally whiter smile in as little as 7 days with the gel set or brush
  • Peroxide free and PH neutral - unique active oxygen formula to whiten teeth the natural way.
  • Safe and White's® unique toothpaste maintains your whiter smile and eliminates bacteria that prevents bad breath and gum disease