Safe and White. Whitening the natural way


This technology is a patented invention of a Dutch dentist. This technology consists of the Hydro-Carbon-Oxo-Borate complex.

This complex comprises active oxygen, and the Ardox-X technology makes it possible to stabilize this active oxygen (which is responsible for the whitening effect) within the complex.

illustationSafe & white gel

The Hydro-Carbon-Oxo-Borate complex is contained in a gel. The active oxygen is released when this Safe & white gel comes into contact with moisture (saliva). It penetrates the dentine and the whitening process begins.

Active oxygen

There are a number of components that release active oxygen. We will name two of them here:

1. Hydrogen peroxides/carbamide peroxides: they release oxygen, but in a radical form (O). This is a persistent form of oxygen that damages the enamel and irritates the gums. Stinging pain may also occur.

2. Hydro-Carbon-Oxo-Borate complex (used for Safe & white): this also releases active oxygen, but in a non-radical form, or anionic oxygen. This form has a whitening effect but without the negative side effects such as damage to enamel and gum irritation. 

Many whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide/carbamide peroxides, which also release oxygen but in a radical form. Oxygen in a radical form is aggressive and can react with other molecules, which carries the risk of the formation of foreign - even toxic - compounds.

Vitint® Safe & white whitens without peroxide!

Many whitening products currently on the market contain peroxides. In Europe, a concentration of 0.1% is permitted for consumer applications. However, 0.1% is not sufficient to whiten teeth.

Bad breath and tooth decay

During the research phase of Safe & white, it became clear that these products also have a positive effect in eliminating the harmful bacteria that cause bad breath (halitosis), amongst other things. The products not only disturb the breeding ground of these bacteria, thus reducing their numbers, but they also have a favourable influence on the concentration of oxygen in the mouth. Consequently, some harmful bacteria are not able to survive. All of this means that a beneficial balance of bacteria develops in the mouth.

The gentle oxygen effect of Safe & white gel also effectively reduces dental plaque. Furthermore, it effectively reduces the numbers of certain bacteria (Streptococcus mutans) in the saliva. These bacteria are responsible for tooth decay (caries), amongst other things. In most cases, using Safe & white gel results in a reduction in the number of these bacteria of at least 77% more than when other toothpastes are used!