Safe and White. Whitening the natural way

BDHF backs innovative products with safe solution to home tooth whitening

Leading independent dental authority the British Dental Health Foundation has granted its first seal of approval to a peroxide-free home tooth whitening treatment, Vitint’s Safe & White.

Utilising innovative Ardox-X technology, Safe & White is formulated to harness the natural energy of active oxygen – whitening teeth effectively without compromising on safety. The use of this innovative technology, proven to be safe for tooth enamel and gums in extensive research, has lead to the BDHF’s approval of the treatment.

With the ever growing consumer desire for a healthy white smile, Safe & White’s products are proven to be both safe and highly effective in achieving the dramatic whitening results expected, whitening teeth by five shades or even more.

The British Dental Health Foundation’s approval of Safe & White will help to reinstall consumer confidence that it is possible to have whiter teeth without the harmful side effects whilst tackling negative perceptions around home whitening kits.

Speaking as the charity launches its oral health awareness campaign, National Smile Month, British Dental Health Foundation Chief Executive, Dr Nigel L Carter, comments:

“The British Dental Health Foundation’s chief focus for the past 37 years has been to raise standards of oral care in the UK whilst offering free, objective and impartial advice.

With the health-related impact of tooth whitening becoming increasingly high on the agenda, we are happy to approve Vitint’s Safe & White products. The research has proven that they are safe for the tooth enamel and gums and they are formulated to help restore the natural whiteness of teeth.”

Sjaak Brouwer, spokesperson for Safe & White, adds: “We are committed to providing an accessible, affordable and safe solution to tooth whitening that really delivers results. We all want to recreate that effortlessly glamorous and healthy look, and for many of us this means having a radiant smile.

“Safe & White products are developed by dentists, and this support from the British Dental Health Foundation provides an additional comfort factor for individuals looking for a naturally white smile.” The Safe and White product range consists of a whitening gel, supplied with secure mouth trays used for 30 minutes, twice a day for two weeks to achieve optimum results. A handy pen-sized brush is also available, which can be applied directly to teeth twice daily after brushing for whiter teeth by five shades or even more. A toothpaste completes the system, to maintain a bright smile whilst eliminating the harmful bacteria that cause gum inflammation and bad breath.

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The Benefits of
Safe and white®

  • Achieve a naturally whiter smile in as little as 7 days with the gel set or brush
  • Peroxide free and PH neutral - unique active oxygen formula to whiten teeth the natural way.
  • Safe and White's® unique toothpaste maintains your whiter smile and eliminates bacteria that prevents bad breath and gum disease