Safe and White. Whitening the natural way

Cosmopolitan Summer chequebook 2008

Sparkling white teeth not only make you look the picture of health, they also giveyou the confidence you thought you never had. With Safe & White’s unique 100% peroxide free home whitening system, you can now achieve a healthysmile five shades whiter or more.This fantastic look comes with the additional comfort that the British Dental Health Foundation has given the products their seal of approval.

In the Summer edition of Cosmopolitan you will find a sunny promotion for Safe&white. There are 50 handy teeth whitening brushes to be won!

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The Benefits of
Safe and white®

  • Achieve a naturally whiter smile in as little as 7 days with the gel set or brush
  • Peroxide free and PH neutral - unique active oxygen formula to whiten teeth the natural way.
  • Safe and White's® unique toothpaste maintains your whiter smile and eliminates bacteria that prevents bad breath and gum disease